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As Ron Paul noted, "It is no coincidence that the Century of War has taken place along with the creation of Central Banking." (paraphrased)

We can fix that! But, it will not ever fix itself! It simply does not want to!

IVAMU Billboard
Inspired by the John Lennon Billboard, "THE WAR IS OVER" - if you want it.  

"Here ye, hear ye!
The American Court of Public Opinion is now in session. All RISE!"

In the Matter of We the people, Plaintiffs' Vs. the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve, Defendants.

The US Constitution itself defines real money as Gold and Silver Coin. Not paper debt notes backed ONLY by still more of the same worthless crap!
Not what we have today! NOT! Oh NO! Time for a BIG Reality Check, eh?

Here is our choice:
Value Based REAL Money vs. Worthless Paper Debt

Don't get it wrong, we are NOT speaking of a Gold Backed Money system NO! But far better, money that CONTAINS it! Making the money itself, HONEST Money. If this alleged debt is real, and it is not. then the ONLY folks who owe it are the ones who created it!
So it is TIME to engage the Economy with the Value Based Hybrid IVAMU Standard for Establishing the Value of Money.
CLEARLY, the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve system is NOT sustainable! We need to REJECT  their Perpetual Debt and Worthless Pretense of Money Machine, pretending to be an "economy."
It is an abject failure! It is all it ever could be! It really does not matter to be saying that they intended this outcome, It was ALWAYS the ONLY possible outcome! It is simply now obvious to virtually EVERYONE.

Did the unfaithful to We the AMERICA PEOPLE us congress, secretly enact "Legislation," granting the Federal Reserve "Eternal" Life? Certainly looks that way, folks!
The Federal Reserve Charter Issued in 1913, EXPIRED December 23rd, 2013. 100 Years of Murder, Fraud, Theft by Deception, and cherry on top, Destruction of America!

Destroying all the Hopes and Dreams of BILLIONS worldwide, plus MILLIONS here, inside the USA. Time to get RID of them. "Services" no longer wanted! (as if they ever were) And never
were they ever needed! They have NEVER performed a worthwhile function or service.


IVAMU is on the March


SUBJECT: New Hybrid Monetary Solution to ALL bad and in decline economies worldwide  -  Is NOW Fully Resolved.
Only Implementation is Required to End the Problem and to Return Vibrant Prosperity to ALL people around the World:
The Real Economic Solution is now fully described here:

IVAMU = Intrinsic Value Added Monetary Unit provides Answers to Loss of Currency Values World-Wide

A Brand New Hybrid Currency SOLUTION-- A Simple, Easy New Standard for Establishing the Value of Money which RESOLVES the Worldwide Economic Crisis induced by the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve.

IVAMU is a Brand New Hybrid Currency and CONTAINS real precious metal, such as copper, gold, silver and or platinum. It does not need to be declared as "backed by gold," because this Paper Money contains flat and flexible precious metal--with thickness measured in microns within the currency itself. We can also Adapt this Standard to the use of our  Coins.

Claims of being 'backed by gold' are always suspect due to historical accounts of 'accidental' invention of what is called “fiat money” in which bankers permitted themselves to issue MORE currency than could be "backed by -- gold!" Born of greed and concealed, it worked well for the charging of interest on loaned money until too many people DEMANDED their precious metals be DELIVERED BACK to the rightful owners or depositors. What is about to happen today is a good example. JP Morgan is selling un-backed silver contracts which certainly will result in a coming “Bank Holidays” once the people catch on to the banking and investment SCAM.

Far better, IVAMU Currency *contains those precious metals!

The designer of the concept, Ken Lowndes, says, “Some IVAMU may 'only' contain silver, while larger denomination currencies will contain gold or platinum. Some IVAMU denominations may even contain two or more metals. This answers the problem today of paper currency-backed-by-nothing except still more paper.”

He goes on to say, “The CONfidence game is over. We and our future generations will NOT be paying off the wicked Bankers! We will NEVER, EVER be their SLAVES. “

For further information contact:

Kenneth Lowndes @ 626-380-8018, or @ www.IVAMU.com 



Monopolized Private Central Banks have created enormous problems - (the Federal Reserve is no more "federal" then is Federal Express) - not only of inflation, but also in how it depreciates the quality of human life itself. For instance, in the current economic climate the current bankers indulge in un-resisted temptation to grant "bail-outs," using taxpayers to replace those funds placing world-wide hyper-inflation into high gear. In the process in desperation and in greed, they Murder the hopes and dreams of the American people.

Fixing the (any) economy involves two steps:


Do not despair in thinking that fixing an economy can not be done .... it certainly can. Once the problem is properly Identified anyone can easily discover the SOLUTION.

What is the problem?

Fiat Money issued by the Central Banks, which is unregulated and privately issued, is therefore, dishonest money loaned at interest since their money costs them nothing off the printing press at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Because they do not contain nor are they backed by any precious metals, Central Banksters have "no skin in the game." 
Paper money backed only by still more of the same, and all of it at full face value, plus at interest, which "cost" central banks about 4 cents each to print, regardless of the face amount.


Remove and or suspend ALL interest FROM the economy, (can and will roll back inflation by up to 97%, especially within the USA), [SEE: http://www.perfecteconomy.com ] and,

Issue the IVAMU as the New Currency Standard.

This solution will fix the currency problems for any nation in the world. IVAMU’s precious metals-based currency will then enjoy world-wide acceptance for Standardized Value, no matter at what level it is issued. And, IVAMU Currency isn't "phony" money! No, the IVAMU is all REAL because it contains the precious metal rather than referring to it to be transferred to an account at a later date or different place.

Some Examples of which Authorities may Issue this new currency includes:


Private or Public Barter or Script Companies,


Cities, Townships, Counties, and Parishes,

State, Federal or National Brokers, when breaking out of the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve loopyness.

The IVAMU opens the door for EVERYONE to consider being their own "honest banker," eliminating even the 'perceived need' for one world-wide, death dealing, monopolistic Centralized Bank's "Reserve Currency."

It defangs “Central Banking” into a neutral clearing house for transactions of “REAL MONEY”, and NOT dishonest “FIAT (Inflation based = diverse) MONEY”!

US Congressional Offices can become IVAMU distribution centers, Fulfilling their Constitutional Role in all of this.

How State Governments can go onto the IVAMU as soon as tomorrow.
Here in Brief is How:

Issue "State of ________" Official Script. Then on the Script, Announce the convertibility of your states Script within 60 to 90 Days into IVAMU Standard Currency. Simply use State Rep Officials Offices as Distribution Centers, and or State Chartered Banks.
For which all must comply.
This places your state economy into the black, from day ONE of it's use. It is the RETURN in FULL of Prosperity and a Vibrant Healthy Economy.

As long as your State Script can be Converted into IVAMU, (and it will be) NO problem!

Plus, it was the States themselves that initially gave this Power to the Federal government. Since 1913, the Federal government has Abdicated this Responsibility, returning in full, this Power BACK to the states and BACK to the people. By default.
Since the current Monopoly Money Masters have taken this Power, Usurping it away from its exercise as a Federal Function, and has NO clear desire to RETURN to it, they no longer retain this power.

99 Years of Abdication is enough time to recognize it, the US Congress, has RETURNED this POWER to the States, or, to the People.

All of the Official Monopoly (the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve) has been in a perpetual US Constitutional Breach since 1913.

It's "Charter" for 100 Years EXPIRED in 2013, regardless of all else. Somehow, Congress slipped in new legislation, granting this FED "Eternal Life."
It is time to END this Blood Thirsty Vampire. It enjoys NO US Constitutional based protections whatsoever. And they are now exposed.

Congress itself is in dire violation of the US Constitution, which specifically defines MONEY, REAL Money, as Gold and Silver coin! The US Constitution does not recognize any kind of paper backed ONLY by still more of the same, as "money."  Preposterous!
It also does NOT recognize any paper currency that claims to be "backed by." NO, it MUST contain it! That IS The LAW!

The "debt" generated - since is all based on phony (non, ANTI-Constitutional) paper money, is as phony as it's money is phony, in terms of the US Constitution, which by the way, DOES DEFINE Money. And as always, is the final Authority in ALL of this.
In the US Constitution, where the Constitution also declares itself to be THE Supreme Law of the Land,

As has often been stated by Gerald Celente, "It's not worth the paper it's not printed on" - of course referring how most of it only exists as digital entries. By returning to HONEST Money, no digital money created by this Monopoly is capable of being "real," and loses its use.
Only by empty FIAT decrees has it been sustained. However, we are now in the "endgame."
Now it faces its own destruction. It is built in the mathematics. 2 plus 2 still equals 4.
The asserted "convenience factor" is simply not worth destroying an entire nation about it.

The US Gov needs to suspend its own use of "Federal" "Reserve" Notes, and it's own deference to it. It is US Constitutionally Counterfeit Money.
The "Debt" from this Pretense of Economy  is "Odious Debt" - and well worth your time to Google the term.





"Declare ye among the Nations, and Publish, and set up a Standard; Publish, [and] conceal not:" -- Jeremiah 50:2
"When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a Standard against him".-- Isaiah 59:19
"Divers weights, [and] divers measures, both of them [are] alike an abomination to the LORD." --Proverbs 20:10



Welcome To
The First IVAMU Convention
held in Philadelphia, in 1776

IVAMU is pronounced "eye-vah-moo"

Come back soon. Expect more to be added, like what the US Department of Treasury says about the FED and about the IVAMU:

Just Some of the many IVAMU BENEFITS:

Stops Inflation Dead and Rolls back inflation. (did you know that Inflation is THE Interest infecting the money supply? By perpetual re-borrowing enough money to maintain a money supply in circulation, then by endlessly re-borrowing the Interest on top included in, at ever new Interest, "endlessly." It is madness!)
Eliminates the National Debt, as in "Odious Debt"
Stabilizes Prices and Purchase Power to the Individual
Keeps Inflation from taking place
Makes long term financial planning possible, which is truly impossible in an inflation based FIAT Money kind of monetary society
Removes BIG government and fits it back into a US Constitutional Intended size
Vastly reduces the temptation and the incentive to go to WAR
Restores Liberty
Returns Freedom
Honest Money ALSO Downsizes "BIG Government" to a size that fits into US Constitutional Limits, of Everything they can do,
reversing the current Trend into an Absolute Despotism of all out Tyranny

If anyone can come up with RATIONAL reasons how this does NOT solve our financial problem(s), please, let us know.
We are very confident this does it - in Full, leaving NOTHING out.
Using Honest Money, with equal Purchasing Power around the world, regardless of who issues it,
will also "eliminate the Temptation" to go to War.
PEACE Dollars!

Now Accepting ALL Nominations for the Nobel Peach Prize in Economics.
can do this, with a written letter, hand signed.
Our Deadline is February, 2014, so please get YOURS to us now.
Copyrighted Concepts 
All Rights Reserved - 1776 - 2009 - 2013
Contact person:
Kenneth Lowndes
327 W Lemon Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016
p- 626-308-8018